The Changing Landscape of Art Criticism


ABSTRACT / I founded Momus as a response to a wan moment in art criticism. I wanted to return us to a criticism that is brave, evaluative, and accessible. I particularly wanted to establish a model for trenchant, meditative, and meaningful criticism online. Because online publishers, in their early efforts, have been too cynical and cheapening of audience attention spans – and we know there’s greater potential here. Momus seeks to remind us of art criticism’s pulse and posture – and, alongside, of online publishing’s potential for substance. We’re slowing things down in a medium that suggests we should move on. Here, we ask ourselves: what’s good? What’s bad? And how should these things be weighted?

Critically recognized, and widely read and shared, Momus has quickly become a trusted reference for those wishing to reflect on contemporary art at a slightly slower pace, and with greater focus and integrity, than online platforms typically allow. Now, through our publication and a newly-inaugurated podcast, we claim an important platform for the revival of art criticism, and present art writing that promotes integrity and clarity in its reflection on the complexities, challenges, and potential emerging from an art world in flux.


BIOGRAPHY / Sky Goodden is the founding editor of Momus, an international online art publication that stresses a return to art criticism. Momus has been critically recognized, and widely read and shared, receiving citations from peer publications including Frieze, e-flux, The New Inquiry, and the LA Times, among others. The publication was shortlisted for two International Art Criticism Awards in 2016. As it approaches its third anniversary, Momus has grown an audience of over 600,000 readers. It is now producing a podcast titled Momus: The Podcast (its first season is being syndicated by the popular, UK- based NTS Radio), and working on its first print edition, to be released this fall. Goodden holds an art history BFA from Concordia University and an MFA in Criticism & Curatorial Practice from OCAD University, which in 2016 awarded her with an Alumni of Influence Award, “The Trailblazer.”


New Modes of Publishing and Distribution
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